Sprayon® WL™740 Zinc-Rich Galvanizing Compound

Sprayon® WL™740 Zinc-Rich Galvanizing Compound

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Sprayon® WL™740 Zinc-Rich Galvanizing Compound is a high performance primer containing 97% pure zinc dust pigment blended with epoxy resin. Stops rust by electro-chemical action on steel or galvanized coatings. The self-sacrificing zinc protects the base metal, preserving strength and prevents rust creepage when the area is penetrated or scratched. This compound fuses zinc to the metal substrate and delivers protection against corrosion equal to or better than hot dipped galvanize.

• For use in automotive, marine, nuclear facilities, power plants and refineries.
• Industrial tanks
• Piping
• Welded joints
• Bridges
• Farm equipment
• Fences
• Wrought iron
• Gutters
• Structural steel
• Transmission towers
• Galvanized surfaces

Must be applied directly to dry, clean metal or galvanized surfaces and not over any other paint or coating. Proper surface preparation contributes to maximum service life of coatings. All contaminates (mill scale, rust, rust scale, chemicals, grease, oil, wax, weld spatter, old paint or other foreign matter must be removed down to bare metal.

Product should be sprayed in a well ventilated area. Sprays best at room temperature (70°F.). Shake well before using. Spray at a distance of 8” to 10” from surface.

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14oz aerosol can