Bestchem Rust Converter
Bestchem Rust Converter

Bestchem Rust Converter

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Converts Rust Into Primer


  1. Considerable saving, in cost and time spent on surface preparation.
  2. The treatment can be applied "in situ" on the job, without requiring any equipment or skilled labour.
  3. The adherent rust, that becomes apart of the metal, is — in fact — utillised and converted into a protective layer.


BESTCHEM RUST CONVERTER incorporates the following improvements:-

  • Quick wetting of the metal surface and deep penetration into the rusty layer.
  • Because of the lower acid content it is much safer to handle.
  • It can be equally applied over the rusted or clean sections of the metal and overhold, sound paint.
  • Enhances the adhesion and durability of any paint systems to follow.
  • The process of conversion to an IRON-TANNATE PHOSPHATE is completed in about 4 hours.
  • Has a temperature resistence of 500°F.
  • BESTCHEM RUST CONVERTER is non-inflammable.


For structural steel, machinery, installations, wrought iron, gates, railings, car floors and boots, boats, in fact for all rusty surfaces. 


Remove scale, loose rust, grease, oil, flaky paint. Apply one coat of BESTCHEM RUST CONVERTER by brush, spray or dip. Allow 4 to 6 hours or overnight for the conversion, that is characterised by a blueish grey colouring. Wipe off any loose, powdery deposit with a dry rag, that will foam, in case only light or patches of rust were present.


Approx. 16-20 M2/litres


4 Litres Bottle
25 Litres Carboy