Power Sonic 610
Power Sonic 610
Power Sonic 610
Power Sonic 610

Power Sonic 610

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  • Built-in microprocessor controller
  • High-performance industrial BLT Type transducer
  • Selectable use of ultrasonic power (3 steps : Low-1, Medium-2, High-3)
  • Degassing function to eliminate dissolved gas in water or solutions
  • User-friendly control panel for easy and simple operation - Elegant style and strong durability
  • Lid to see the inside of the bath
  • Built-in alarm function for operation stop
  • Stainless steel tray


    Transducer: Industrial BLT Type

    Time Range: 1~99 min (Digital)

    Temp. Range: Ambient~70℃ (Digital)

    Frequency: 40 KHz

    Housing Material: SUS 304 + PP

    Bath Capacity: 10.7 L

    Bath Dimensions: W300 x D240 x H150mm

    Overall Dimensions: W385 x D345 x H270mm

    Tray Dimensions: W250 x D200 x H100mm

    Required Power: 400 watt

    Net Weight: 7.3 kg

    Voltage: AC 230V, 50Hz


    Keypad for 605/610/620