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Giorik Oven Descaler & Rinse

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Giorik Oven Descaler & Rinse

The professional maintenance products for the effective solution in: Outdoor space maintenance, Floor maintenance, All kind of maintenance, Building maintenance, Vehicle maintenance and many more.

Organic Ecological Limescale Descaler

Concentrated citric odorless detergent-based studied for descaling boilers ovens, coffee machines, tanks of cooking pasta, taps, etc.

Very suitable when limestone is deposited on metal surfaces of pipes and coils of systems and heat exchangers resulting in decreased flow and thermal performance. It contains corrosion inhibitors and a color change indicator that makes it easier to monitor and contraollata the efficcacia of its action in time.

The action of the product is effective and avoid any damage to parts produced with soft metals and seals of contact.

Its use does not require preliminary cleaning operations, if not in the case of the presence of fatty deposits exceptionally tenacious and heavy.

May be circulated in steam generators, although still at elevated temperatures, without any risk of damage to the elements that are part of it.

The treated parts in general do not require neutralization but simply to be washed thoroughly.

Instructions For Use

  • Concentration: is generally used at a concentration of 50-70% v / v in water, depending on the type of operation to perform, the amount of scale or rust, the nature of materials, etc ...

        The duration of treatment will be significantly reduced
        when used in hot, not over 70°C.

  • Rinse: after the descaling, rinse thoroughly for circulation or with pressurized water.

Packing Size:
5 Kg Canister