Sprayon® EL™2000 Clear Electrical Lacquer Sealer

Sprayon® EL™2000 Clear Electrical Lacquer Sealer

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Sprayon® EL™2000 Clear Electrical Lacquer Sealer seals electrical and electronic parts.
Weatherproofs and waterproofs in one application. Protects against rust, corrosion and tarnish. Resists fungus, chemicals, dirt and grease. Dries to a crystal clear, flexible film. Has exceptional resistance to vegetable oils, mineral oils, greases, and chemical fumes. Dried film will withstand temperatures up to 150°F.

• Wiring installations
• Printed circuit boards
• Batteries
• Chrome and bright work
• Metal
• Wood and leather surfaces
• Paper documents
• Ignition sealer

Surface must be free of grease, dirt, and oil. Sprayon® EL™848 Flash Free® Electrical Degreaser is recommended. Use in a well ventilated area. Shake can until ball rattles for 1 minute. Hold container upright 8-10” from the surface. Do not apply in continuous spray. To avoid runs, apply several thin coats allowing paint film to become tacky between coats. For best results, use at room temperature (70°F-90°F). After spraying, turn can upside down and spray until clear propellant comes out.

Packing Size:
11oz aerosol can