Image of 15.25oz Sprayon® EL™600 Clear Insulating Varnish

Sprayon® EL™600 Clear Insulating Varnish

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Sprayon® EL™600 Clear Insulating Varnish is a coating with excellent insulating properties for impregnating and insulating electrical and electronic work. Excellent adhesion to metals, windings, coils. Air dries faster than most insulating materials. Protects surface against oils, moisture, acid and alkalis. Perfect for small field and magnet coils; penetrates oil and new windings; has excellent flexibility and water resistance. Can be baked for faster cure rate and maximum hardness.

• Motor Windings
• Field Coils
• Transformers
• Armatures
• Commutator Ends
• Stater Windings
• Rings & Frames
• Bus Bars
• Sealing electrical switch board parts and electronic components

SURFACE PREPARATION: Must be applied directly to dry, clean surfaces and not over any other paint or coating. Proper surface preparation contributes to maximum service life of coatings. All contaminates (mill scale, rust, rust scale, chemicals, grease, oil, wax, weld spatter, old paint or other foreign matter) must be removed down to bare metal.

APPLICATION: Remove all rust, scale, paint, grease or foreign matter. A good clean surface is necessary. Apply directly to DRY surface and not over any other paint or coating. Product should be sprayed in a well-ventilated area. Use at room temperature (70°F.) for best operation. Turn can upside down. Hit sides lightly while rotating can in 1⁄4 turns until agitator ball breaks loose. While holding can upright, alternately shake the can up and down and in a circle for 30-60 seconds until the agitator travels freely in the bottom.

NOTE: INSUFFICIENT MIXING MAY CAUSE PLUGGING TO OCCUR. Press spray button firmly with the can 8” to 12” away from surface being coated. Move can with short dusting strokes, releasing button at the end of each stroke. Apply several thin coats. To prevent clogging, hold can upside down and spray until only clear gas comes out. CLEAN UP: Acetone.

Packing Size:
15.25oz aerosol can