Sprayon® EL™ 848 Flash Free® Electrical Degreaser

Sprayon® EL™ 848 Flash Free® Electrical Degreaser

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Sprayon® EL™ 848 Flash Free® Electrical Degreaser is a non-flammable, fast evaporating cleaner that penetrates instantly to remove the dirt, oil, grease, wax and other foreign materials that can decrease the life of electrical components & cause costly downtime. Degreases more thoroughly & several times faster than alkaline cleaners. Excellent for degreasing aluminum, cleaning sheet & strip steel prior to galvanizing. Equipped with a
high delivery valve for cleaning efficiency, extension tubes are also included for hard-to-reach areas.

• Electric motors
• Generators
• Air tools
• Brakes
• Clutches
• Chains
• Sprockets
• Wire rope
• Dies • Molds
• Relays • Locks
• Radar equipment
• Material handling equipment
• Air conditioners

Product should be sprayed in a well ventilated area. Shake well before using. Sprays best at room temperature (70°F). Hold can in upright position for best spray pattern. Use extension tube for pinpoint application. NOTE: May harm certain plastics, elastomers and air-dry painted surfaces. Test product on non-essential similar material prior to application.

Packing Size:
13oz aerosol can