Sprayon® LU™202 Moly Chain Lubricant

Sprayon® LU™202 Moly Chain Lubricant

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Sprayon® LU™202 Moly Chain Lubricant is a high viscosity oil that clings to moving parts. Foaming action penetrates close tolerances of chain drive bushings and pins to provide long-lasting lubrication. Reduces friction wear on moving parts and in metal-to-metal applications. The ‘moly’ additive improves its capacity to handle greater pressure requirements of start-up stress. SPRAY ANYWAY™ Valve allows material to be applied to the surface when the can is being held in either upright or inverted position.

• Chain drives and pins
• Forklift trucks
• Link and roller assemblies
• Machinery
• Work-stand rollers
• Assembly lines
• Packaging equipment
• Motorcycle and bicycle chains
• Sprockets
• Clippers
• Cutter bars
• Chain saws
• Bushings
• Hoist chains
• Conveyors
• Tractors

Maximum performance is achieved when the metal surfaces to be protected are clean, dry and free of rust, oil and mill scale. Product should be sprayed in a well ventilated area. Sprays best at room temperature (70 F.) Shake well before using. Spray at a distance of 10” to 12” from surface.

Packing Size:
11oz aerosol can