Sprayon® MR™303 Food Grade Release Agent

Sprayon® MR™303 Food Grade Release Agent

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Sprayon® MR™303 Food Grade Release Agent is an effective mold release for all types of
materials, including wax, rubber, T.F.E., ceramics and plastics. This non-staining non-corrosive formula is effective at low and high mold temperatures. Meets FDA regulations when no more than 10 ppm is applied.

• Investment castings
• Foundries
• Compression molders
• Blow molders
• Plastic injection molders
• Extruders
• Candle molders

Product should be sprayed in a well ventilated area. Sprays best at room temperature (70°F).
Shake can well before using. Hold can 10” to 12” from mold surface and spray a thin, light coating. To use entire contents, hold spray-head, then rotate can. For a nonabrasive, fast & effective way to clean all metal molds, use Sprayon® MR™351 Mold Cleaner. To provide extended protection against acid, humidity rust & contamination during indoor or outdoor storage, use Sprayon® S00361 Mold Saver.

Packing Size:
12oz aerosol can