Super Plastic Steel (A+B Epoxy Putty)

Super Plastic Steel (A+B Epoxy Putty)

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Nett weight : 454 grams (1 pound)

Features :

  • Hand mouldable
  • Express quick setting
  • No sagging, no dripping
  • Set like steel
  • Work on wet surface
  • Easy and simple

Works on :

  • Metals
  • Fibreglass
  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • Glass
  • Concrete
  • etc

    Bonds :

    To all metals, concrete, timber, plastic, fibreglass, porcelain, etc. Resistant to most solvent. 

    Filler :

    No shrinkage, expands slightly on setting. Make permanent filler on all applications. Ideal grout.

    Electrical :

    Highly insulative. Insulate leads watertight. Repair plugs, fittings and connections.

    Mouldable :

    Remake replacement parts, missing pieces. Make handles, patterns, models, repair antiques.

    Seal :

    Leak in tiles, bathrooms, swimming pool, roofs.

          How to use :

          1. Thoroughly clean and roughen surfaces to be bonded. 

          2. Cut off equal amount from both bars with a sharp instrument.

          3. To mix, knead thoroughly with hands until putty achieves a uniform color with no striations.

          4. Apply and let cure until hard.

          5. After applying, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.