Tieffe Fornolux Plus (Liquid Degreaser Detergent For Ovens and Grills)

Tieffe Fornolux Plus (Liquid Degreaser Detergent For Ovens and Grills)

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TIEFFE Chemical Solving
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Liquid Degreaser Detergent For Ovens And Grills

FORNOLUX is a liquid detergent formulated to manually remove cooking residuals of sauces, oils, etc. from ovens or grills. It has an effective cleaning and descaling action.


  • clear, slightly viscose liquid
  • non-flammable
  • easy to rinse
  • completely biodegradable
  • caustic

Suitable to clean OVENS, GRILLS, HOT PLATES etc.

It removes dirt and eliminates bad odours.

Directions For Use

Use FORNOLUX pure, as received in its container, by applying on the parts to be cleaned (better if still warm) with a sponge, cloth, or by spraying it on the parts.

Let it work for 5 to 10 minutes, or longer for stubborn dirt.

Wipe with a cloth or a sponge and rinse abundantly.

IT MUST NOT be used on aluminum. 


5 kg Canister