VP 4-Cycle Small Engine Fuel

VP 4-Cycle Small Engine Fuel

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Product Description

4-Cycle Small Engine Fuel is a 94 octane ethanol-free gas that is developed from higher-grade base stocks and components. It provides exactly what your 4-cycle small engine needs to operate at the pinnacle of performance. Better components make for better fuel. Our proprietary technology ensures a clean-burning 4-cycle fuel that will both provide for easier and more dependable starts and extend engine life. Thus, it helps you avoid costly repairs and rebuilds of your outdoor power equipment. VP 4-Cycle Small Engine Fuel contains no oil.

Advantages Of 4-Cycle Small Engine Fuel

  • Ethanol-free - prevents ethanol-related corrosion problems and issues that fuel stabilizers can't fix
  • Provides easier and more reliable starts, burns cleaner, and helps extend the life of your outdoor power equipment
  • Remains stable 2 years in the tank and 5 years in the sealed container
  • Protects fuel systems and saves carburetors - no gummy deposits or varnish
  • Eliminates the need for and cost of adding fuel stabilizers
  • Contains no extra additives - just what is needed. No more and no less.

Packing Size:
1 Quart Bottle (946ml)