VP HI-Performance Synthetic Blend Motor Oil 10W-40

VP HI-Performance Synthetic Blend Motor Oil 10W-40

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VP HI-Performance Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is designed to deliver increased power and wear protection to on and off road, highly stressed, high performance gasoline engines. It is suited for small block race engines and classic, historic, vintage, hot rod, street rod, muscle and other enthusiast applications. It is not designed for drag racing, professional racing or to be compatible with catalytic converters found in most street cars. Do NOT mix oil additive supplements with the VP HI-Performance Synthetic Blend Motor Oil. The product benefits include:

  • All synthetic blend protection
  • Enhanced levels of ZDDP and other anti-wear chemistries
  • Leading-edge viscosity modifiers that control sludge, soot and deposits, reduce wear and improve low temperature operation
  • Protects flat tappet and roller cams
  • Exceptional rust and corrosion protection while running, not operating or being stored
  • High Temperature/High Shear protection
  • Meets the performance requirements of API SN
  • Available in SAE 10W-30, SAE 10W-40, and SAE 20W-50

Made in USA

Packing Size:
1 Quart Bottle

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