WD-40® Specialist™ Fast Acting Degreaser

WD-40® Specialist™ Fast Acting Degreaser

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A Water-Based Solution That Quickly Removes Grease, Oil, Dirt And Grime Without Leaving Any Residue

Power foam works immediately on contact and rinses away easily.

  • Cleans equipment to make it run more smoothly and last longer
  • Removes grease oil, dirt fat, dirt, soap scum and grimy residues
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces including metal, exhaust hoods and flooring
  • ROHS Compliance



    Recommended Uses

    • Plastics
    • Lifts & Hoists
    • Engines
    • Marine Equipment
    • Exhaust Hoods
    • Hand & Power Tools
    • Print Presses
    • Industrial Machinery
    • Work Surfaces
    • Flooring


    • Engines

    • Tractors

    • Gears & Chains

    • Power Tools
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