Bestchem Alkaline Neutralizer Solution

Bestchem Alkaline Neutralizer Solution

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BESTCHEM ALKALINE NEUTRALIZER SOLUTION is use to bring down the pH of the water to a lower level.

Please check the pH before adding more NEUTRALIZER to the water. pH Meter or pH paper are available at BEST CHEMICAL CO (S) PTE LTD.

Other usage: pH control of water, water treatment, soap & detergent industries.

Safety: Wear chemical gloves and goggles when handling. Do not take internally.

Colour: Clear
Odour: Odourless
pH: 1
Specific Gravity: 1.05
Solubility in water: 100%
Toxicity: Non-toxic
Vocs: None
Storage: Indoor (Temperature : 23 to 35 deg C)

Shelf Life: 12 months from date of manufacture

Packing: 4 Litres Bottle


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