BestChem Hand Sanitiser (QAC Based)
image of 250ml BestChem Hand Sanitiser (QAC Based)
Image of 500ml  BestChem Hand Sanitiser (QAC Based)
BestChem Hand Sanitiser (QAC Based)
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BestChem Hand Sanitiser (QAC Based)

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Bestchem Hand Sanitiser is a broad spectrum, quaternary ammonium compound base cleaner, disinfectant for use in food service stations where rapid destruction of pathogenic micro-organisms is required.

Disinfectant for fast, effective hands sanitation for personnel working in clean room and also for equipment sanitation in food establishments and other industries.

Appearance               Clear liquid, mild alcoholic odour.
Solubility in water     Completely Soluble.
pH as received          6.8 +/- 0.3
Flammability             Non Flammable.

Benzalkonium Chloride

Active ingredient listed in NEA’s “Interim List of Household Products and Active Ingredients for Disinfection of COVID-19”.


  • Effective against gram negative and gram positive bacteria.
  • Safe to use on all surfaces.
  • Non compatible with soaps and ionic surfactants.

Bestchem Hand Sanitiser can be applied by swabbing, immersion or by spraying.

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