Bestchem Fogging Solution
Bestchem Fogging Solution

Bestchem Fogging Solution

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Bestchem Fogging Solution

Bestchem Fogging Solution is a water-based carrier product to be used when you do not wish to leave behind a thin, oily film on objects within the area to be sprayed. In thermal fogging, the formulation (i.e. mixture of the active ingredient with a water-based carrier) is exposed to hot air currents produced by the exhaust of a pulse-jet engine. The high velocity and temperature cause immediate fragmentation and partial evaporation of the fluid which is expelled through the exhaust pipe. As soon as the steam encounters the ambient air at a much lower temperature, it condenses into tiny droplets, forming a dense fog. This fog contains the appropriate dose of the active ingredient, present in each of the micro droplets that compose it. The droplets can ‘float’ and move over long distances without losing their effectiveness. They can penetrate and access sites with dense vegetation, and can reach even the most inaccessible corners within a warehouse or a store.

Benefits of BestChem Fogging Solution

  • Non-flammable
  • No significant odour
  • Not phytotoxic to plants
  • Creates a tighter droplet spectrum
  • Enables droplets to ‘float’ over long distances
  • Ideal for use in sensitive applications such as vector control in residential areas
  • Reduced likelihood of irritation compared to petrochemical carriers in thermal fogging applications
  • A ‘must’ when fogging or misting warehouses containing agricultural commodities or other sensitive inventories
  • Only new carboys & drums are used to package BestChem Fogging Solution to prevent contamination

Packing Size:
5 Litres Bottle
25 Litres Carboy

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