Bestchem Weed Killer
Bestchem Weed Killer

Bestchem Weed Killer

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Bestchem Weed Killer

  • Destroy unwanted weeds in short time
  • Non-poisonous to pets and human beings
  • Easy-to-use
  • Economical

Steps to apply

Apply Bestchem Weed Killer in calm conditions to minimize the drift of the solution onto non target plants.

  1. Pour Bestchem Weed Killer into any garden watering sprayer. Do not dilute.
  2. Spray directly to the targeted plants or weeds. Be sure to treat the leaves of the plants, not the soil.                                                     
  3. In 2-4 days’ time, the unwanted weed or plant will wither away. For stubborn vegetation, repeat the above process.
  4. Wash all utensils after use.

Note: Repeat treatment if it rains within 30 minutes after application.

Packing Size:
1 Litre Bottle
4 Litres Bottle
20 Litres Carboy


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