Strike® Midge Control

Strike® Midge Control

Restricted use. Please contact us if you are interested in this product.

This microencapsulated liquid formulation is capable of controlling midges and filter flies throughout a facility. The active ingredient is protected and time released for the furthest downfield control in wastewater treatment plants. Strike® Midge Control can be added to wastewater flow at a point after sand and grit have been removed from the main channel of flow into the facility, upstream of where midges or filter flies are breeding.

The product needs to be introduced for enough ahead for the material to properly mix and distribute in the water, before the primary clarifiers. This technology ensures the active ingredient reaches all breeding sites in need of treatment.

Application Rate
Apply Strike® Liquid at the rate of 5 fluid ounces per million gallons of sewage flow passing the injection point.

Packing Size:
3.78 Litres