Mini-Ultrasonic Cleaner Model CQ-2B
Mini-Ultrasonic Cleaner Model CQ-2B
Mini-Ultrasonic Cleaner Model CQ-2B
Mini-Ultrasonic Cleaner Model CQ-2B

Mini-Ultrasonic Cleaner Model CQ-2B

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An ultrasonic wave of 46,000 cycles per second is generated through the
cleansing liquid. The action of this longitudinal wave causes dielectric
pressure to build up, resulting in numerous micro-vacuum bubbles producing
the effect of cavitation. When these bubbles explode, the force of their
explosion removes the encrusted dirt, grime or other undesirable substance,
even in tiny, hard-to-reach corners. Its efficiency is remarkable. Its general
uses can be roughly listed as below:

Spectacles, Toothbrushes, Pendants, Glass items, Dentures, Razor blades,
Jewellery, Diamond, Gold objects, Signature chops, Watch parts, Baby bottle,
knitting matters, seals, false teeth, pens jetting mouth,
and it can be used to remove nail enamel for ladies- And so on.

This cleaner is also widely used for Industry Use, such as Machine nozzles, PCB,
circuits and components of mobile phones.

Power Source: 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz (110V optional)
Power: 30 W
Operating Frequency: 40 kHz
Stainless St. Water Tank: 600 ml
Accessory: Plastic Basket x1 piece
x1 piece ( Optional)

Using the Cleaner

  • Add water into the water tank, reaching 60% of the total volume. (fig. 1)
  • Put the article into the tank, immerged it into the water. (fig. 2)
  • Plug the power cord into adaptive socket.
  • Press the switch button, and start the cleaning operation. (fig.3) Around 5 minutes later, the cleaner will be shut off automatically.
  • If you want to continue the cleaning process, just press the button again. If you want to stop the cleaning operation during the process, just press the button.
  • When the dirt is hard to clean or you want a faster cleaning, use warm water or add the right amount detergent into the water.
  • Clean the water tank with cleansing water after clean to prevent the corruption. (fig. 4)




  • Don't operate the cleaner continuously more than one hour.
  • Don't operate the cleaner without water in the tank.
  • Put the cleaner on the flat surface, and avoid the cleaning solution spilling out from the tank.