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VHT Nite-Shades™ Red

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VHT™ Nite-Shades™ Red is a translucent lens coating for creating custom styling and can also be used to restore faded or scratched lenses. Ideal for use on tail lights, side markers and motorcycle windshields. Warning: Once applied to plastic lens, VHT™ Nite-Shades™ Red cannot be satisfactorily removed. For off-road use only.

Tail Lights, Side Markers, Plastic Lenses

Coating SystemVHT provides a high-performance coating system for the ultimate in protection and quality. This system includes surface preparation and Nite Shades™ Red.
Coat SP888 Nite-Shades™ Red

Dry Time
Dries to the touch in 1 hour. Dries thoroughly overnight. No curing required.


Net Weight
10 oz. (283g)