VP Street Legal Power Steering Fluid - Synthetic Universal Formula

VP Street Legal Power Steering Fluid - Synthetic Universal Formula

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STREET LEGAL™ Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is a universal fluid designed for trusted performance and ultimate protection of power steering systems in most foreign and domestic passenger cars and light trucks. It is approved and compatible for top-off with all power steering fluids. 

Street Legal Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is formulated with synthetic base stocks and advanced additive technology to deliver optimum system wear protection and trouble-free operation under severe conditions and extreme temperatures. It also prevents system corrosion and oxidation while protecting power steering pumps and hoses. 


  • Superior anti-wear properties protect critical power steering system components 
  • Protects and conditions seals and hoses to prevent system leaks 
  • Minimizes power steering pump squealing, even at low operating temperatures 
  • Optimum high-temp protection with added resistance to thermal breakdown 
  • Excellent fluidity and performance in cold operating temperatures 
  • Also recommended for severe, high-performance racing applications 


Street Legal Synthetic Power Steering Fluid meets universal system requirements, including: 

American Motors Corporation C4124 

Audi PN G002000 


DaimlerChrysler MS1872, MS5931F & G, MS9602 (ATF+4), MS9933A & MS1872 

Ford M2C195A, M2C33F, ESW-M2C128 C&D, M2C128D, MS2195A, M2C138C & M2C138CJ 

GM 9985010 (Saginaw Power Steering), 9985835 & 89021184 

Hyundai/Kia PSF-3 

Mercedes Benz PN 00 989 8803 

Mitsubishi PS Fluid/Diamond SP III 

Navistar TMS 6810 

Nissan PSF-II 

Saab PN 30 09 800 

Subaru PN K0209A0080 

Volkswagen VW-TL-570-26 & VW-TL-52146 


Made in USA

Packing Size:
12oz Bottle 


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