Absorbent Socks (General Purpose)
Absorbent Socks (General Purpose)

Absorbent Socks (General Purpose)

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Absorbent Socks (General Purpose)

*Note: Product are not compatible with Sulfuric Acid*

They are known as all-liquid absorbents, universal absorbents. They are ideal for coolants, degreasers, paint, blood, bodily fluids, oils and fuels as well as mild acids, bases and water-based chemicals. It also absorb fluids in tight spaces when placed in hard-to-reach areas. (e.g. machines and leaky hydraulic hoses or wedge in corners.)



Packing 10 Pieces Bag 10 Pieces Bag
Capacity 56 Litres 115 Litres
Weight 6.5 kg 18 kg
Dimensions 1.2 m x 7.6 cm 3 m x 7.6 cm
Color Grey Grey


Packing Size:
10 Pieces Bag