Absorbent Socks (Hazchem)
Absorbent Socks (Hazchem)

Absorbent Socks (Hazchem)

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Absorbent Socks (Hazchem)

*Note: Product are not compatible with Higher Concentrations of Sulfuric Acid*

They are known as all-liquid absorbents, Hazchem absorbents. They absorb strong acid, strong base, solidifying liquid and other unknown liquid. They will not degrade or chemically react with absorbed liquids. They are also ideal for use with battery acid.



Packing 10 Pieces Bag 10 Pieces Bag
Capacity 67 Litres 117 Litres
Weight 7 kg 15 kg
Dimensions 1.2 m x 7.6 cm 3 m x 7.6 cm
Color Yellow Yellow


Packing Size:
10 Pieces Bag