1L Bottle Bestchem Electrical Parts Cleaner
4L Bottle Bestchem Electrical Parts Cleaner
20L Carboy Bestchem Electrical Parts Cleaner

Bestchem Electrical Parts Cleaner

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An amazing multi-blend inhibitor precision metal parts cleaning job.


  • Grease, dirt, oil, grime, dust, finger prints, metal oxidisation, metal contamination, wax deposits, ink and dye stain. 


  • Cleaning spare parts, tools, equipments, roller chains, ball bearings, brake parts, electric motors, generators, switch gear, starters, control panels and plant machinery.


  • Dip, wipe, soak, brush, spray on all the metal parts to be clean.


  • No corrosion on metal surfaces.

  • Regular maintenance with cleaning reduces malfunctioning or breakdowns.

  • Treating of motors with BESTCHEM ELECTRICAL PARTS CLEANER prevents shorting of commutators, increase brush life, eliminates dirt-clogged bearings, and enchance running efficiency.

  • BESTCHEM ELECTRICAL PARTS CLEANER is specially formulated for spray-on applications, it penetrates every cavity more thoroughly than ever before, without the need to dismantle parts or to incur wasteful down-time.

  • Dry completely without residue.

  • Non-flammable, low toxicity.

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