Bestchem Engine Degreaser Concentrate
5L bottle Bestchem Engine Degreaser Concentrate
20L carboy Bestchem Engine Degreaser Concentrate

Bestchem Engine Degreaser Concentrate

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BestChem Engine Degreaser Concentrate is a specially formulated solvent based fast acting and non-corrosive degreaser for cleaning contamination and degreasing of oil, dirt, grease and grime.

It is commonly used to clean heavy engine parts, blocks and related components in shipyards, oil rigs, automotive garages, metal fabrication, refineries, airplane hangars and etc.

Cleans iron, steel, aluminium, magnesium and copper. Not harmful to metal, rubber, plastic or concrete.



  • Rinsed off easily with water
  • A highly refined product, less risk than using kerosene based fluids
  • It does not give off overpowering fumes unlike chlorinated solvents
  • Very low volatility ensures minimal evaporation loss making it ideal for soaking and baths
  • A clear and bright fluid which readily emulsifies with water
  • Solvency – formulated to provide greater degreasing
    power than general hydrocarbons and alternative de-aromatised products
  • Safety – reduces fire risk due to its high flash point


Packing Size:
1 Litre Bottle
5 Litres Bottle
20 Litres Carboy


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