Bestchem Tyre Shine
Bestchem Tyre Shine
Bestchem Tyre Shine

Bestchem Tyre Shine

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Bestchem Tyre Shine is a thick, water-based formula for use on tires. It contains advanced UV and ozone protectants to shield surfaces from sun damage and environmental pollution. It also produce a durable, clean shine that is not greasy or attracts dust.


  • Wash and scrub tyre with sponge or wheel brush to remove dirt and brake dust and rinse with water.
  • Allow tyres to dry before applying product.
  • Apply product with tyre dressing applicator and spread evenly on tyres sidewall.
  • Allow Bestchem Tyre Shine to dry before driving.
  • Wipe off any excess if product run onto tyre contact patch or rims.

Packing Size:
1 Litre Bottle
5 Litres Bottle
18 Litres Carboy