Krylon® 5-Ball Interior-Exterior Paint Enamels, Gloss Black

Krylon® 5-Ball Interior-Exterior Paint Enamels, Gloss Black

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KRYLON® INDUSTRIAL 5-BALL INTERIOR-EXTERIOR PAINTS are specifically formulated for industrial maintenance and tough-up applications. Performance is exceptional as expected from a high solids, protective finish that dries in 12 minutes or less.

  • Hard protective durable finish
  • Uniform coverage
  • No recoat window

Dry to Touch

  • 12 minutes

Dry to handle

  • 30 minutes


  • Anytime

Surface preparation must be completed as indicated. Remove cap by following instructions on the top. Test spray on an inconspicuous area for substrate compatibility. Spray 10" to 12" from surface in a sweeping motion. Apply several thin coats. Do not apply in one continuous spray. Release the spray button after each pass. When finished, clean valve by holding can upside down and spraying until only clear gas is released. If spray valve becomes clogged, pull spray button off and clean it in lacquer thinner. DO NOT stick pins or wire into can opening. Replace spray button with valve opening pointing away from body. Replace cap for future use.

Part# K01601

Packing Size:
12oz can