Mosquito Dunks (BTI Briquets) Non-Toxic Mosquito Insecticide / Pesticide
Mosquito Dunks (BTI Briquets) Non-Toxic Mosquito Insecticide / Pesticide
Mosquito Dunks (BTI Briquets) Non-Toxic Mosquito Insecticide / Pesticide

Mosquito Dunks (BTI Briquets) Non-Toxic Mosquito Insecticide / Pesticide

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Mosquito Dunks (Bti briquets)


Made with natural B.t.i.*, Mosquito Dunks (Bti Briquets) is a floating sustained-release larvicide for long-term control of mosquito larvae.

  • Effective for 30 days or longer.
  • Can be tied or anchored to prevent being flush away by running water.
  • Manufactured in USA.
  • EPA registered.
  • NEA registration Numbers:



  • Featured on NEA's 5-Step Mozzie WipeOut.



*Active ingredient :

Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies Israelensis,

Serotype H-14, 7,000 ITU/Mg                    10.31% w/w                                             

Inert Ingredients :                                       89.69% w/w


How it works?

Mosquito Dunks (Bti Briquets) is a highly selective microbial insecticide effective against mosquito in a variety of habitats. When applied to the water surface, Mosquito Dunks float on water and slowly release a long-term biological mosquito larvicide. This larvicide gradually settles in the water and it is eaten by mosquito larvae growing there. Continuous ingestion of the active ingredient produces a chronic infection that kills the larvae.       


How long it last?

Mosquito Dunks (Bti Briquets) will keep on working and suppress larval development for 30 days or longer under typical environmental conditions. Mosquito Dunk has a central hole, which can be anchored to prevent being flush away. Mosquito Dunks remain effective even after multiple wetting and drying. Use the appropriate dosage according to the application rates below.     

Surface Area of Standing Water

Use Quantity

0.01 to 0.47 sq. m.

(1 to 5 sq. ft.)

¼ Dunk

0.47 to 2.33 sq. m.

(5 to 25 sq. ft.)

½ Dunk

2.33 to 9.3 sq. m.

(25 to 100 sq. ft.)

1 Dunk

Above 9.3 sq. m.

(Above 100 sq. ft.)

1 Dunk

per 9.3 sq.m.


How to use?

Mosquito Dunks(Bti Briquets) can used as whole or broken into portions and applied to areas where water stagnates, such as unused swimming pools, clogged roof gutters, drains, old automobile tires, construction sites, birdbaths, flowerpot plates, water gardens, ponds and etc.


Mosquitoes breeding areas

Clogged roof gutters accumulate water and create an ideal place for mosquitoes to breed. Clear roof gutters regularly to allow water to flow and drain freely.

Roof gutters should be cleared regularly to prevent clogging. Mosquito Dunks can be placed or tied to the roof gutters for long-term mosquito control.

Storm water drain should be cleared of leaf litter and other waste to prevent any containment of stagnant water. Mosquito Dunks can also be tied to drain covers to prevent it from being washed away.

Simply attached a string to the loop on the bottom of the ornamental Hide-a-Dunk water lily*. Pass the string through the hole of the dunk and allow the dunk to float to the top under the lily. Then anchor the string to the bottom of the pond. *(Sold separately)

*Nylon Netting sold separately

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