PETRONAS Paraflu UP Coolant Concentrate

PETRONAS Paraflu UP Coolant Concentrate

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Designed to be the Fluid Technology Solutions of choice providing excellent protection and longer fluid life for Vehicle cooling systems

PETRONAS Paraflu UP is a premium performance concentrated Long-Life Coolant delivering optimized performance and component durability for vehicles cooling systems. Formulated with Mono-Ethylene Glycol enhanced with a special Organic Acid salts inhibitor (OAT Technology), free of nitrites, borates, phosphates, silicates and amines, it provides excellent protection against overheating, frost and corrosion and aversive agent (bitrex). Specifically developed for FCA and IVECO, it is also suitable for passenger cars and commercial vehicles where a OAT coolant technology is required.


  • ASTM D 3306 Type 1
  • ASTM D 6210 Type 1-FF
  • CUNA 956-16


  • Fiat 9.55523 CTR n° F101.M01
  • Iveco 18-1830 CTR n° I101.M16
  • MS-90032

Performance Level:

  • Chrysler MS 12106
  • Lotus Reference PE-00140
Parameters Method Unit Typical Value
Color - - Red
Relative Density @15°C ASTM D 1122 g/cm3 1.123
pH, 50% vol in DI water ASTM D 1287 - 8.2
Reserve alkalinity ASTM D 1121 ml 6.4
Boiling point, 50% vol in DI water ASTM D 1120 °C 109
Freezing point, 50% vol in DI water ASTM D 1177 °C -39
Glassware corrosion test ASTM D1384 - PASS
Hard water compatibility test FIAT 50537 - PASS

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