Sprayon® WL™745 Welding Defect Detector (Developer)

Sprayon® WL™745 Welding Defect Detector (Developer)

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Sprayon® S00744 Q.A. Inspector Penetrant is a two-part quality assurance system in conjunction with Sprayon® WL™745 Welding Defect Detector (Developer) that detects and locates cracks and defects in metals and non-porous, non-metal parts. Will detect and clearly mark even the finest faults in welds, casts and other non-porous materials before they cause product failure or costly breakdowns.

• Ideal for short run applications where production testing sites are not available, or for spot testing large parts, welds, assemblies and more
• Particularly suited for the precise, very fine inspections required in the auto, construction,
manufacturing, nuclear power, petroleum, foundry and railroad industries
• Turbine blades
• Molds
• Structural beams
• Pipes
• Other metal
• Non-porous, non-metal parts

Clean surface with Sprayon® EL™848 Flash Free® Electrical Degreaser. Apply a heavy film and allow to soak. Wipe clean and repeat as necessary. Dry thoroughly before using Sprayon® S00744 Q.A. Inspector Penetrant. Spray Sprayon® S00744 Q.A. Inspector Penetrant and allow to soak for up to 20 minutes. Remove while still damp with a cloth that
has been sprayed with EL™848 Flash Free® Electrical Degreaser (excess penetrant may distort test results). Shake Sprayon® WL™745 Welding Defect Detector (Developer) until agitator ball breaks loose and rattles. Then hold can at top and swing bottom of can in a circle for 2 minutes making ball travel around bottom groove of can. Press spray button firmly and hold can 8” to 12” from test area. Developer can be applied immediately after removing surface Penetrant but DO NOT WAIT MORE THAN 10 MINUTES. Faults, cracks and pores will be revealed in RED. After use, clean valve by holding can upside-down, spraying until only clear gas comes out.

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9oz aerosol can