VP Stay Frosty Racing Coolant

VP Stay Frosty Racing Coolant

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STAY FROSTY is a proprietary VP Racing Fuels coolant formulated for high-compression, high-heat racing engines. It contains a specialized blend of wetting agents that drastically improve coolant’s ability to transfer heat away from high temperature cylinder heads. Temperatures of engines are reduced by up to 100° F compared to conventional glycol-based coolant. This increases the density of the air/fuel mix, and allows ignition timing to be safely advanced without the threat of detonation – resulting in more power and torque.

  • Ready-to-Use – Just Pour In
  • Contains No Slippery/Hazardous Glycol
  • Reduces Engine Temps By Up To 100° F
  • 100% Water-Based Formula
  • Maximizes Horsepower and Torque
  • No Freeze Protection – Maximum Cooling
  • Non Toxic and Biodegradable
  • Blended with Chemically Stable Reverse Osmosis Water

Coolant change Intervals

- 2 years or 48,000 kilometers (whichever comes first)

- if using other coolants, drain and flush completely when replacing old coolant from cooling system, to avoid incompatibility.

- NEVER mix or top up with water or additives - ONLY top up with neat Stay Frosty Race Coolant.

- Use in clean cooling system that has not been previously neglected.

Note: Stay Frosty Race Coolant are blended with a very light blue dye for aesthetic purpose, and the shade may vary slightly from batches to batches. At times, the Stay Frosty Race Coolant blue dye is so light that it looks like clear water when its inside the cooling systems, and this is completely normal.

Made in USA

Packing Size:
64oz / 1.89 Litres Bottle

Technical Data Sheet

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